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The unique integration of bibliographies and outlines rises Biblio above all competition!

Biblio is an unrivaled research program to organize notes, draft outlines, and create bibliographies. Its specialty is twofold: outlines and bibliographies. ScholarSoft has created the most evolved reference management system by seamlessly integrating these two aspects of research into one intuitive interface. By providing a user-friendly environment to organize publications, Biblio is quickly becoming the industry standard for researching, note-taking, and scholarly writing.

* Create a perfectly formatted bibliography in five minutes!
* Keep all research for a project in one place!
* Organize your class notes into a concise outline!
* You'll never have to read the same book twice!
* Your term papers will write themselves!
ScholarSoft's Five-Star Award from ZDNet
ZDNet Five-Star
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WARNING: Do not read another page of any book without summarizing it in Biblio!

Biblio2 Screen ShotBibliographies--Save precious time as Biblio creates bibliographies formatted to MLA and APA standards with the click of a button. Biblio is equipped with the most advanced bibliography-rendering engine on the market! By simply entering the bibliographical information into forms, Biblio will create bibliographies formatted exactly to both the MLA (Chicago/Turabian) and APA standards. Whether you are a researcher, professor, scholar, or student, Biblio makes the exhausting task of creating bibliographies effortless!

Outlines--Organize your references as Biblio creates outlines of the publications quickly and with little effort. Then, create outlines for scholarly papers, using the information collected from the publications. Its impressive engine formats the outline in a wide variety of styles, while keeping all information readily available.

Conversion--Save the outlines and bibliographies generated by Biblio in any text format, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and HTML.

Extensibility--A scholar can use the dozens of reference types included with Biblio, use third-party plug-ins, or create his own!

The key to Biblio is its integration of the references and their notes. Each bibliography entry has its own outline, so all notes are directly linked to their reference. Then, new outlines can be created independent of a particular reference, allowing you to organize the notes from each reference into one outline. Creating outlines for term papers and other scholarly writings couldn't be quicker or easier!

If you like, you may view a sample outline and bibliographies in MLA and APA format generated by Biblio. These files are in Rich Text Format and may be opened by Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Word Pad, and most other word processing applications.

Features & Benefits of Biblio

  • Organize your research quickly and easily!
  • Store the bibliographical information of each reference for quick review
  • Download and install support for other media types or create your own using Biblio's plug-in technology!
  • Automatically create bibliographies in the MLA and APA formats with one mouse click!
  • Customize your bibliography to the specifications given by your instructor--margins, fonts, underline vs. italicize, etc.
  • Quickly access each bibliography entry at the bottom of the screen; copy and paste it into your project as a footnote or endnote
  • Keep all your information together by taking structured notes for each reference on the computer rather than on paper
  • Automatically create outlines from your notes with one mouse click!
  • Customize each outline by adding/removing parenthetical references and detailed descriptions, margins and indentation, fonts, etc.
  • Using your notes from the references, you can create an outline for your term paper or project in minutes! Just drag-and-drop information from the references into your outline, add your own thoughts, organize it all, and your term paper will write itself!
  • Use the same reference notes again and again for future projects!
  • Drag-and-drop (and copy/paste) references and notes between files!
  • Modify and print the bibliographies and outlines using Biblio's built-in word processor
  • Save bibliographies and outlines to nearly every word processing format, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and HTML!
  • Customize Biblio's interface to create your own perfect environment!
  • Find the help you need in one mouse click with Biblio's excellent context-sensitive help
  • Visit the online technical support forum to post questions and ideas for additional features

Don't sit through another class or read another book without the power of Biblio! Download your FREE 30-day evaluation of Biblio2 right now!

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